Madalyn Rosenbluth, RDH, BS has been practicing advanced periodontal and preventative therapies for over 37 years. She has worked in private practice areas of Gnathology, Periodontics, Orthodontics, General and Cosmestic Dentistry. As owner-founder of MadUltrasonics, LLC, where she is actively involved in product design, clinical testing, manufacturing and marketing of ultrasonic instruments. Madalyn lectures, consults and educates hundreds of postgraduate clinicians annually to further enhance their application of ultrasonic therapies.

Licensed to practice in NY, FL and AZ.

Madalyn started MadUltrasonics in 2004 when she realized that she was not alone in believing there was a lack of high quality ultrasonic inserts available to the community of local RDH’S in their New York practices. With their support she developed a clinician driven superior magnetostrictive insert.

Not happy with the “new” era of built in obsolescence and plastics in the manufacturing of inserts, they strove to develop a business centered on quality, durability and service for the dental hygiene community.

The business has grown beyond the marketing of ultrasonic inserts to include, rebuilding of inserts and the launching of the very first recycling program for ultrasonic inserts in 2008. Thus setting the example of leadership in environmental practice of the 3 R’s for the dental community. Reuse, Recycle, Rebuild.

MadUltrasonics now has several RDH’s throughout the USA and Canada representing products and services. Our engineer/technicians have over 50 years of experience with all brands of magnetostricitve and piezo units and are certified.
MadUltrasonics has become the name thousands of clinicans trust for their instruments, service/repairs and information on all things ultrasonic for their dental practices.



“MadUltrasonics offers comprehensive knowledge in all facets of ultrasonics. They are professional, reliable and a pleasure to work with!” ~ Al La Porta, DDS Armonk, NY "I have known Madalyn Rosenbluth for over 8 years ... Finding excellent people is difficult. Finding excellent people, who care is even more challenging. I am glad that I found Madalyn and her company. ~ Dr. Zev Kaufman, Manhattan, NY "I LOVE MadUltrasonic inserts! My patients state they are more comfortable when I use these inserts compared to when I use others. Calculus dissolves like butter! I love that I can use them on the lowest power setting. I refuse to go back to other inserts! I am sold.." ~ Sue Burzynski, RDH, MSEd, Tonawanda, NY
"My office has had many repairs on different style Dentsply units by Madultrasonics. The quotes given by Madultrasonics were considerably less than Dentsply and all repairs were done in a very timely fashion. We have been very pleased with all of the work.... I would definitely recommend Madultrasonics for any ultrasonic unit repair." ~ Janet Farber, RDH New Jersey   "JUST POWERED RIGHT THROUGH TENACIOUS BLACK CALCULUS LIKE IT WAS CHOCOLATE CAKE ON A PLATE!" ~ Diane Brucato-Thomas, RDH, EF, BS Kailua-Kona, HI    

CRAZY ABOUT HYGIENE by Ann-Marie C. DePalma, RDH, MeD, FAADH amrdh@aol.com

Imagine practicing clinical hygiene without the benefit of power scaling. It involves hours upon hours spent hand scaling and all the trauma and ineffectiveness of providing that type of treatment. But that is what many clinicians in the past have done. Madalyn Rosenbluth, RDH, BS, has taken the historical narratives and beginnings of power scaling and provided participants with the latest in scientific research in her program, "Evolution of Ultrasonics in Dentistry: Infancy through Implants and Beyond."

She takes participants through a technical and clinical journey that includes an array of historical, scientific, and practical applications of power scaling while discussing the evolution of equipment and inserts. Madalyn’s goals for any of her ultrasonic programs revolve around increasing clinicians’ knowledge of what lies beyond the handpiece. She discusses cavitational therapies and the role cavitation plays in debridement treatments for patients. Madalyn believes that participants will come away from the program more aware of the benefits of power scaling. All dental team members, including the doctor, can benefit from understanding the importance of ultrasonic scaling. She feels that, by all team members participating in the program, they gain a deeper respect for the hygienist. They also learn the use of advanced clinical techniques while learning the proper care and feeling of the equipment. Her programs are presented in PowerPoint with a lecture, discussion, and question-and-answer session. She provides a handout with the time line of significant events in power scaling.

Madalyn became interested in ultrasonics through her patient, friend, and mentor, Tony Riso. She met Tony in the late 1970s when he moved to south Florida to start his ultrasonic business. He had been one of the pioneering engineers for Cavitron Corp. Tony is the developer of the modified ultrasonic tips that we use today. This relationship, coupled with that of her other mentor, father-in-law, Morton Rosenbluth, DDS – a world renowned periodontist – excited her about the possibilities of power scaling.

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SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SCALE: by Madalyn Rosenbluth / Postscript by: Susan P. Burzynski, RDH, MSEd

We have all watched some of the reality shows … American Idol, America's Got Talent, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance? ... that are so popular these days. Some of us love them and some of us can leave them, especially early on in the season, but there is no doubt that we all enjoy the end-of-season talent that is developed with the help of coaches and countless hours of rehearsal. It's the progression of a talent with practice ... just like our own reality show -- the art of performing debridement on our patients.

This is your career. You are a professional clinician who performs preventive oral hygiene procedures. How proficient do you wish to become? Do you want to be the best? Do you have a coach? Are you continually striving to progress in your talent and techniques? Are you willing to exercise repetition for perfection?

The ultrasonic unit along with our inserts are our essential instruments in performing debridement. Articles on ultrasonic scaling are too numerous to count, so why is this article different? Because this one is going to get you moving with precision and purpose. Just like the dancer, vocalist, or musician, every artist must know the basic skills to go on to become a great performer.

You will gain practical information and basic moves that, with practice, will help you progress in your everyday performance, and your patients will love and applaud you!

What unit do you use? Know your equipment. Is it magnetostrictive or piezo? 25k, 30k, or a dual-frequency unit? Is it an automatic or tunable unit? Knowledge of your unit's qualities is essential in your usage of them. Many of us don't know anything about what we are using to generate unparalleled power inside our patients' mouths. There are optimum ways of operating along with tip choices depending on your specific unit. Take a hands-on class in ultrasonic instrumentation to use various units and insert/tips to discover how to maximize your unit's full potential and explore other options in the world of ultrasonic generators.

Is the unit in good working order? Do you have it tuned up every couple of years for optimum performance? You have your car serviced more than your unit and yet you put fewer demands on your car.

What condition is your handpiece in? Is it leaking, are wires exposed, curled up and dried out, or crushed? Handpieces transfer electrical energy and water to provide power and irrigation to our ultrasonic inserts and tips. Handpieces have to be in excellent working order so that our scaling is safe, effectual, and comfortable not only for our patients but for us. They need to be rebuilt or replaced every few years as the internal wiring and lines become twisted and dried out from usage. How about those swivel handpieces? They are a great innovation by DENTSPLY/Cavitron as they take the twist out of your work and prevent damage to the handpiece assembly. Is one in your future?

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MADULTRASONICS is a team of registered Dental Hygienists with decades of clinical practice experience in periodontal therapies. In addition we are postgraduate educators, product development specialists, as well as consultants to dental manufacturers in the practical application of ultrasonic instrumentation. Madalyn Rosenbluth, owner of Madultrasonics, is a practicing clinical dental hygienist and has been an innovator for many years with T.R. Consulting which holds the patents as well as FDA registration of these high quality instruments.

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