MadUltrasonics has an environmentally friendly program to recycle any make/style insert with a New P-Type insert. A savings not only in new insert pricing, but also to the environment.

So send us your tired, worn and broken inserts.
Receive one $10.00 credit off of each new MadUltrasonics insert ordered with each old insert sent for recycling.

Be a part of making a greener planet!

These environmentally friendly all metal P-Type inserts can be rebuilt, saving money and resources.

Don't hold on to old, worn or broken inserts!





If you do not find the item that you are looking for, or if there is a specific part that you need replaced or repaired,
do not hesitate to contact us at: sales@madultrasonics.com or call our main office at: 914.844.6313

For Info and Ordering, please contact Madalyn Rosenbluth, RDH

151 Winchester Drive
Yonkers, NY 10710-2322
PHONE: 914-844-6313
FAX: 914-652-7377


MADULTRASONICS is a team of registered Dental Hygienists with decades of clinical practice experience in periodontal therapies. In addition we are postgraduate educators, product development specialists, as well as consultants to dental manufacturers in the practical application of ultrasonic instrumentation. Madalyn Rosenbluth, owner of Madultrasonics, is a practicing clinical dental hygienist and has been an innovator for many years with T.R. Consulting which holds the patents as well as FDA registration of these high quality instruments.

about madultrasonics

Check out our extensive inventory of high-quality ultrasonic equipment. Our brand new website is designed to make it simple to browse and shop for the precise instrumentation that you need and detailing the proper specifications for each specific part or item.
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